Donald Trump Has A Twitter Meltdown Over Obama’s Re-Election

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His hair is so amazingly awesomeballs!

I don’t really know much about Donald Trump because I didn’t watch the American Apprentice but I kinda get the picture that he’s some rich American dickhead, and it sounds as if he’s a Republican too, at least judging by these tweets. That isn’t really surprising because I’m pretty sure most rich American dickheads are probably Republicans. But yeah, like so many dumb celebrities these days, when things weren’t going his way and his boy Mit Romney lost the election Donald Trump took to twitter to vent his rage and criticise the American electoral system which I’m sure he loved so much in 2000 when it enabled George W. Bush to controversially get into office at the expense of Al Gore.

If you want to find out what kind of human being Donald is, check out this article from CRACKED:
10 Stories About Donald Trump You Won’t Believe Are True

Check out some of these below where he suggests ridiculous ways of dealing with the election result, such as marching on Washington and starting a revolution. It’s interesting to note that all these tweets took place between 11:18pm and 11:54pm EST last night. I’m betting Donal Trump was a bit boozy. Anyway, enjoy:






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